Laptop Pilot Program by Ian



The change that the sixth grade has gone through since the laptop and iPad pilot started is amazing. Ever since the computers were distributed to the students, for some people, it is the center of school life. Suddenly, you see shining white laptops on desks, instead of the familiar notebooks and spirals, that have become commonplace as they entered the middle school. Of the children chosen for the program, some wanted laptops and some wanted iPads. Not everyone got what they wanted at first, but everyone who is taking part, has learned to appreciate the advantages of both devices. For instance the laptops may not be as portable, and may not have the cute applications and touch screen that the iPad has, but they have better web surfing, more programs, and in general, can do much more than the iPads. Many on the campus push for this pilot to go forward and become school-wide, but others do not think that technology has a place in the classroom. Both sides have legitimate arguments, but not taking advantage of the tools that are available to us, is a choice that could limit learning, as well as limit how effectively the teachers can teach.




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  1. Wow! Ian this is wonderful writing that is great for our blog. I wish I could write like that.

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