How to Take Care of your Laptop by Christy

When I saw that shiny white laptop, I got so excited. But I started worrying that it would be taken away from me because I did something wrong. I tried to figure out how to take care of my laptop. Here are some ways to help take care of it. Every day when you get home, charge your laptop immediately. When you pack up your laptop later, remember to wind your wire correctly and remember to actually pack your charger – don’t pack your laptop and not the charger! When you get to school, if you’re going to use it in your first period, take it with you around until the bell. Then go to your class with the laptop. Don’t leave your laptop on a hook and pick it up later. That leaves it in a way that can be easily stolen. If you’re not going to use it, put it in your locker or in Mrs. D’s room. Don’t throw it on the ground and/or leave it there. If you do these things – they’re really simple, they only take an extra second out of your day! – you’re sure to keep your laptop safe.

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