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  1. 18ianl at |

    Cool. You do have a talent for stop-motion.

  2. 18joshk at |

    That was a really cool video, Gus. At my old school, my Art teacher made us do stop-motion videos. They are so fun.

  3. 18martabc at |

    INCREDIBLE!!! Such a moving description!

  4. 18conorz at |

    Wow Gus this is amazing I love doing stop motion videos.

  5. 18coled at |

    That sounds really fun! Stop-motion movies are very hard to make. Maybe you could make a voicethread of one and post it on the blog?

  6. 18alexg at |

    Cool! You were very descriptive about your hobbie. . . It’s one of my favorite things to do to!

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