My Problems With Laptops By Mariana

The problems that I have had with my laptop  is that at first the charger would not turn on. When it wouldn’t work  I went to Mr.Schaefer and he tried to make it work. Once I got to G period my laptop was there charging.

My second problem was that my computer would just randomly fall asleep and it would take me a long time to wake it up. I told Mr.Schaefer and he told me to give it to him. I gave it to him and he took it away and let me use a substitute computer. The next day he came and told me that he gave me a new computer.

My third problem was that the newest charger that Mr.Schaefer gave me would not work either. The chargers that I had had were the new type. After I told Mrs.Donnelly about my problem with my charger she told Mr.Schaefer and he gave me one of the old chargers.

Those have been all my problems with my laptop so far. Macbook Problems

3 thoughts on “My Problems With Laptops By Mariana

  1. This is both humorous and serious at the same time. I like how you blogged about the problems with your computer, as just about everyone in the class knows about it. But you wrote this personally, which I like other than something like “yesterday Mariana had to get a new charger”, whereas you wrote it like “My third problem was that the newest charger…”. I like your writing and hope you continue to blog.

  2. My laptop is way better now. Thank you guys for commenting on my post it makes me feel really good.

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