Reflection on Laptop Pilot Program by Audrey

This year we were given the luxury of having laptops to take home and back to school and to all of our classes. I enjoy having them at home to keep easy access to Moodle, Google docs, Quizlet, etc. It is a little annoying to bring them to class and sit them next to you when they are never used but I manage. If I could change one thing it would be the cases in which the laptops are secured. I do realize that these cases are not permanent and that they are very strong and trusting. This program will help me overall because I can go on Moodle, Google docs,etc.  —–picture from flickr creative commons!

6 thoughts on “Reflection on Laptop Pilot Program by Audrey

  1. Very professional, and SUCH and pretty picture! I also loving the humor! By the way, HIIIIIIIII!!!

  2. Audrey I really love your blogging skills! You should really keep up with it. Maybe you should try blogging about one of your hobbies or one of your friends!!!!

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