Comic Life Projects by Ian L.

As the Donnelly Language Arts morning class is finishing around half the wisdom tales in their book, it is time for them to start the Comic Life project. This project brings out the creativity that lies dormant in many of the students. All of the students have been having fun with this project. The students can now use their artistic and creative skills that have had little use in previous LA classes. There have been some people, including myself, who quietly grumble to themselves (and other people around them) how hard it is to draw on the computer. Like I said, I agree with this opinion, but there are also advantages to drawing on the computer. For instance, you can make perfectly shaped straight lines and circles. This can can be very useful when you only have to click and drag to make a straight line. This however is both a curse and a blessing. This is because when you have to draw a curved line, it is very hard. On Skitch, the program that we use to draw, (as far as I know) you can only make straight lines and circles with the click and drag tools. To make curves you either have to make a circle and erase part of it, or you have to draw it out with the free draw tool. Overall, Comic Life his been very fun for the class, and I think it is a great tool. I am glad that we have been able to use it, and I am glad we were able to use the computer to create these comics.






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  1. Your writing seemed eloquent. I like to see that you are writing a variety of styles. Nice drawings on your comic, it is very good.

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