Writing Workshop by: Ashwin S.

pencil in notebookOne thing in L.A we have been doing very often recently is writing workshop. It’s a period of time where you can write about anything and write in more than one way (story, poem, so on). I find this exciting because we get to delve into anything we want to and create things that have never been thought of! But even though writing is so much fun and there are so many great stories being written there is something to know: the power of words remain and it can be used to assist or hinder others. An example of this is what I call “Comment Crazy”. An example of this on a story of one of my friends Josh K.’s story. After he shared it to the class, he shared his story on Google docs with everybody to get some ” intellectual feedback”. He got exactly the opposite. Some people were posting comments on the chat box like “Hi” or “How are you?”. Theses type of comments slowed Josh K. down so much that he didn’t even get to write a paragraph in his story in a whole period!

Luckily some people decided to stop posting bad comments and replace there comments with good ones. Some just stopped commenting. Another problem was some people were not writing at all just talking to each other which was especially annoying. But our substitute teacher put a stop to that quickly. I hope that we continue to get a lot of time to do writing workshop so I can finish my story.

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