The Elf In Your Radio, a poem by: Ashwin S.

I decided to post a poem because I really like poems. I wrote this one about a year ago. This poem is about a story of my mothers. When she was a child, her brothers told her that the voice coming from the radio is from an elf who lives in there. When my mother was a child she even tried to communicate to the elf she thought was in the radio. If I like how this post turns out I might post more of my poems. So here’s my poem

The Elf In Your Radio

When you turn on the radio 

you think it’s just sound waves on the job

But what really is making the sounds

is an elf doing the jiggly hob

Dancing, prancing, singing a song

moving his tiny feet in a fast jog

soon when you’re as tired as a log,

you’ll turn off your radio, then nap,

soon snoring like a dog

The little elf comes out through the rod

taking a stretch, whirling around seeing the sights then he goes back down

Soon you wake up as happy as a frog,

You turn on you radio ready to do the jiggly hob!

The elf jumps up ready to bop

and starts his whirly dance, prancing,

and enhancing his happy feet

And he never, needs a minute of sleep

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