Darkhold: Chapter 3 by Ian L


Drawing by Ian




Just then a thought came to my head

“What did this man look like?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do”

“I don’t remember” I stared down at the man.

“Fine. But until tell me who this man is, you might as well get used to this old place because it might just become your permanent residence. In life and after.” The man gulped. “Say good by to your life for now,” He looked at me desperately. I smiled a very white smile at him. Then for some extra effect I burst into flames and appeared behind him. The with one deft movement of my hands I quickly knocked him out. He crumpled into a broken heap and I gave the unconscious body a sympathetic look. Then I picked him up and carried him into one of my “guest rooms”. I smiled. Some of my “tenants” had been in this house for a couple hundred years. I unlocked a dusty door and came into a dark, dank spiral staircase. The steps were slippery and treacherous. I stepped down them carefully until the passage. Above the begging of the straight section was a huge arch. it said: Μην βασιστείτε να βγεί εδώ. Don’t count on getting out of here. It was the motto of the expansive labyrinth that had been built under my house. I took a right turn and came to a long passage with cells on either side. There were mostly skeletons, but there were lots of rats that called this dank underworld their home. I estimated that this labyrinth stretched under most of greater Boston. When I had commissioned the building of the tunnels I had to be careful because of some of the car tunnels that that went under the city. Unfortunately for the builders of my house, if my memory serves correctly, I don’t let humans see my home and live. Well, tough luck. People would do anything for money back then. That was during the Great Depression. One of the cell doors screeched loudly as I opened it. The metal felt cold and and harsh to my hand. I put him down in his cell and slammed the door shut, leaving him lying on a small bed-like ledge. Light shining through a small crevice that I suspected was a drainage vent. I had a camera in every cell so I would know when he woke up. I walked up the slippery stairs again and into the, in comparison to the labyrinth, light filled room. This was troubling. It was the second tine I had had to deal with someone who I suspected was sent by Hecta. I pulled on a coat and walked out the door. Today I was going to get some answers. I always got answers. One way or another.

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  1. Nice story Ian, but if you want to publish this or even make this story a surprise I recommend that you don’t continue to publish every chapter of your story on the blog, otherwise it’s really good.

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