Me Job Chapters 5-7 By Josh K

These Chapters are really short, but maybe the most interesting? Read to find out. If youu have any ideas for a villain in my story please tell me.

Chapter 5

The next day I went to Hebrew School. I don’t particularly like Hebrew School, but at break I play football with my teacher, Aaron, who has crazy hair and was a counselor at my camp (Ramah). At Hebrew School we talked about a prayer. I am pretty good at reading Hebrew. So when it was time for Hebrew. I got partnered up with Rebecca. I quickly and efficiently read the prayer. At break I threw some passes with Aaron. He is not very good. We talked about how well N.C. State played against the #3 team in the country.

After Hebrew School I looked my Facebook page I had nothing from Travie but realized that my trip to Chicago was in two weeks. A message from Griffin said, “Dude you need a girlfriend. Ask out Rian. You two are perfect for each other.” I started to think about it and think about it. The more I thought about it the more I knew I was going to do it.
I talked to my mom about. She said that she didn’t really care and that she would always be supportive of me.
Chapter 6
I kind of knew she was going to say yes. She really likes me and it’s obvious, so I wasn’t worried about asking her out. I had it it all planned out. I was going to find some time where she wasn’t talking with her friends and where there were no teachers. I was going to say, “Rian, will you go out with me?” I was so nervous. I couldn’t concentrate in first period, or second period, or third period or at lunch. At lunch she was sitting all alone and I was this close to doing it , but I got too scared to do it. Later at recess she was all alone without any of her friends near. I walked up to her and said, “Hey Rian, whats up?” “Not much what about you?” she said glumly. “Ummmmm will you go out with me? How about lunch at George’s after my game?

Oh my god! Yes Drew! Of course. I never thought you’d ask. I had this huge goofy grin on my face and Griffin could tell. “I knew she was going to say yes.” said Griffin happily. “Who?” I whirled around to see that it was Robbie. “Rian!” I said. “Score one for Drew!” Oh yeah! Let’s go beat the Dynamite.

Chapter 7

On Saturday I was excited that Friday I was going to Chicago! My mom was on a business trip for a conference. She is a Cardiologist at UNC. I hate Carolina though. Go N.C. State! In warm ups at our game I noticed a really tall, new person on the Dynamite. I absolutely love their red and orange uniforms. Nike sponsors them even though they stink. Our uniforms  on the other hand are a dinky green with a dinosaur on our helmet.

Our game blew by. After winning the coin toss I threw a 30 yard pass to Griffin, who took it the rest of the 40 yards to the end zone. Touchdown Raptors! Robbie scored on a thirty three yard run. Do I really need to tell you the rest? Let’s get to my date.

Who likes this helmet design for the Raptors?

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  1. I was thinking you could have one of Drew’s friends get really mad and jealous (maybe over Rian) and become his enemy instead of his friend.

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