Me Job (The Artist) by Josh

Picture by me on skitch

My story “Me Job” is going to be finished over break, (hopefully). I am looking for someone who might have an interest in illustrating it. You don’t have to do the whole story of course, but maybe you could do your favorite scene. If you have not read my story and would like to just comment, tell me. Your drawing could be on Skitch, a computer drawing program, for those of you who didn’t know, or you could send me some sketches. Finn, I would like to figure out how you inserted a head into Comic Life. I am interested in your Friends comic.

Here is another excerpt from “Me Job” Just to let you know, this will be the last excerpt that I will share. Like I said, I am really close to finishing the story.


Chapter 8

After our 60-3 blowing up of the Dynamite I went home and changed into street clothes. We picked up Rian from her house and drove over to George’s. I helped Rian out of the car. She took my hand and jumped down. “You played great!” she said sweetly. “I know!” I said. My mom left us alone. A waiter approached us and asked, “First date?” “Ummm yah.” I said. “What would you like to drink?” I ordered a Cheerwine (my favorite) and Rian got one too (also her favorite). I ordered a cheeseburger to satisfy my rumbling stomach. Rian ordered chicken fingers with fries off of the kids menu. “Drew, I was on Facebook the other day and some guy named @tractor4somewhere,USA started following me. Do you know him?” “Ummm yah I sort of know him. He’s been emailing me and following me on Facebook. My dad played with him in college. “Ok. Cool,” Rain exclaimed. Our food and drinks came. We ate happily until Rian’s mom came to pick her up. I whispered in my mom’s ear, “Can Rian come to Chicago”? I asked my mom. “Sure!” she  whispered back. “Mrs. Tecktiel, can Rian come to Chicago?” “Sure,” she said, “but let’s wait until Tuesday to tell her.” “Okay,” I replied. “I will.”

4 thoughts on “Me Job (The Artist) by Josh

  1. I am totally up for it!!!!!! If you like my drawing for my posts and let me do some drawings I’m up for it!!!!!

  2. Sounds great, Ryan, I really like the drawing you have for “The Bolt”. Anyone else can do it too, not just one person is going to do the drawings.

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