The Blogging Experience by: Ashwin

Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard, From: Wikimedia Commons

In the laptop pilot program our teacher showed us this blog. For some people, they immediately loved it. For others it was a eventual process before they constantly blogged (an example of that is me). And last of all there are some people who just aren’t into blogging. You can see who lands in each category by how many blog posts they’ve posted, but you have to consider the statement ‘quality over quantity’ while doing so. When I started blogging I wasn’t interested in it at all, but slowly I started to blog more and now I have more blog posts. The part I’ve enjoyed the most in the blog is sharing it with others. For example, those two people who looked at the blog from Taiwan were my best friends. It’s so exciting seeing more countries on our Flag Counter and more visitors. That is why I love the blogging experience.

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