Collaborative Google Docs by Conor



Google Apps is a good way to write and talk with your friends on a private sight just for DA. You can create a story in Google Docs and write it yourself or you can share it. When you share your story you can edit with someone you invited to view and edit it. You can even change the owner. This is very helpful if you want to write a book with someone, talk with someone, or like me, make a movie script that you and your friends can be in. Now on Google Docs you can show a stream of comments or chat in the side bar. The side bar has been in Google Docs for a long time but now you can leave the story come back, and if one person is still on the comments will still be there. Google docs also has other types of folders. You can write a blank page or you can create a slide show. You can also make a folder for just one class, school, or home. I guarantee that Google Docs is the place for docs

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  1. Great post Conor. I’d love to see more writing by you. You have so many ideas in your head. The movie script is a bit long but perhaps you could write about what you are doing with that?

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