Moon Over Manifest: A Book in the Past by James

I recently finished reading a book called Moon over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool. It takes place in a small town in Kansas. The main character is a girl named Abilene Tucker. Her father sent her to Manifest, the town where he grew up. When she first gets to the town she sees the sign: Manifest, a town with a rich past and a bright future. Abilene was soon to learn that the past was, yes, rich, but rich with secrets, As she is walking the preacher, named Shady, finds her and takes her into town. The town is dry and quiet, but its past is full of secrets and surprises. When she loses her father’s compass she has to work for a pot she broke in retrieving it. Sadly, the place she has to work has a front gate with the word “Perdition” on it. Perdition is a version of hell. As she works for the broken pot the woman who she is working for, Miss Sadie, tells Abilene that Miss Sadie is a diviner. Miss Sadie sends Abilene on strange hunts to find strange items. All the while Miss Sadie tells Abilene a story of the town’s past. It is a very interesting book with a wonderful ending and amazing writing. I would give it more than five stars out of five.


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