My Favorite Sport by Aishwarya

My favorite sport is tennis. When I was four or five my dad called me to watch the US Open with him.  I said okay so we watched it and I loved it.  Then when I was seven we went to Hilton Head Island and for Christmas. I got a tennis racket.  Then the next day I asked my dad if we could go play tennis and he said okay.  The first time I played it I could barely hit a ball but then I got better and better.  Then when we came back from Hilton Head Island my dad put me in tennis lessons. I started to become a better tennis player. Now this is why tennis is my favorite sport. Tennis Player






4 thoughts on “My Favorite Sport by Aishwarya

  1. I really like tennis too! I have never watched it though. Who is your favorite tennis player?

  2. I used to play tennis in high school. I need to get out and play some more now. Don’t you think we should have tennis courts at the middle school?

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