My Book by Emma E

Right now I’m reading “Murdered My Sweet” By Joan Lowery Nixon. It’s about a girl named Jenny and her mom, who are distant relatives with a very rich man who owns the biggest chocolate company in the country. His name is Arnold Harmany. Before he dies he wants to read his new changed will in front of all is family members and coworkers at his birthday party. Right after everyone eats Porter Harmany, Arnold’s step-son, gets murdered.


2 thoughts on “My Book by Emma E

  1. This perfectly written description makes me want to check out the book right now. You gave enough details to show what the story is without giving away too much. I love her books. Bravo.

  2. Thank you, I finished the book, and it was a really good book. I can’t wait to find other books written by Joan Lowery Nixon, because she is an amazing author.

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