Wisdom Tales Human Slide Show By Tatum

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Over the past weeks we have been reading the book Wisdom Tales. It is a book filled with interesting stories that each have a moral. After each story we would summarize it and tell the moral. Once we finished the book we did a human slide show acting out one of the stories. My group and I did the story called Feathers. Feathers was about someone who started a rumor. Then the king gave her a pillow and let all the feathers out of it. Then she had to get the feathers but she couldn’t get the feathers. The moral is that you cannot take back the feathers, like you cannot take back your words.

3 thoughts on “Wisdom Tales Human Slide Show By Tatum

  1. Very good picture Tatum!! I liked Feathers a lot as well! You are a great blogger! Keep up the good work

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