My Adventures in Vocabulary World by Matthew

Hello guys! Lately I just have not found time to write, but I came up with an idea. I decided, since we have to do sentences with vocabulary words every Wednesday, I would make a story and make 1 chapter be the sentences for that week. I will try to post them every Thursday so I feel like it is time for a new story, that I hope you will enjoy.

My Adventures in Vocabulary World

Chapter 1 – Mark the sports fanatic

Hello! My Name is Matthew. I have wanderlust so I like to travel a lot.I like climbing trees but all of the good ones have tendrils. My brother Mark’s reverie about the time he had at a verve football game was distracting. I ostracize everyone that comes in my seat so that I get to sit near the coach. Every now and then we go to the beach. There we watch the lambent flame tongues of the fire. I also love walking through the sediment of the ocean. Wait! MARK IS A SOMNAMBULIST! AHHHH! I screamed so loud Mark jumped up and hit his head on the wall. My Mom came downstairs to see what happened in complete pulchritude mode. Mark grabbed a chip and started to masticate it down. What a sports fanatic, I thought.

Please comment so that I know what to do to make my stories a lot better. I hope you liked it!

5 thoughts on “My Adventures in Vocabulary World by Matthew

  1. Good idea! Some (hopefully) constructive criticism: Your writing was great, but some of the words were used in ways that honestly didn’t sound natural. For instance:I have wanderlust. Technically this may be correct, but for me it didn’t seem right. I may very well be wrong. Just wanted to point out where I thought it could improve. Again, great idea!

  2. Ian,
    I really didn’t know how to use wanderlust. At first I used it as an adjective but my Grandparents told me to use it like I did.

  3. It’s a great idea and the stories are fun. But I feel like your stories are jumping all over the place and I find them hard to follow. Of course you may want them to be all over the place. Maybe you could make some of the transitions smoother. Keep writing!

  4. Olivia,
    The person telling the story (AKA: Me) Is having a train of thought and suddenly snaps out of it by realizing Mark was Somnambulist.

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