If I Were An Adult…..

If I wake up in the morning and I am a adult I would want to get the best car in the world and with my friends we will drive and drive until we get to California. Since we only have one day we would do whatever we can in california. Like go into designer shops and get some clothes. I would go to the Coach store and get a fabulous handbag for myself.  Then we would go to some more stores and we go to Chanel and get a bunch of shoes.  It is getting to  be the end of the day so we drive to a expensive restaurant and then we drive back home and we had so much fun!



5 thoughts on “If I Were An Adult…..

  1. So fun! That seems like an awesome day! I would totally do that with you any time! What car would you want to drive?


  2. I would want to drive a customized pink mercedes benz with a diamond steering wheel !

  3. Your post is really good! It sounds like a lot of fun. You have a couple run on sentences though.

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