If I Woke Up An Adult by Mariana R

If I woke up an adult one day I would have already had 3 children, two girls and one boy. I would let them do whatever they wanted that day and then I would go hang out with my friends. Then I would go to teach the dance group that my mom passed down to me named Takiri. After that I would be with my children and do what ever they wanted to do. Then I would go home watch TV. After that I would wait for my husband to come home to start making diner. When my husband came home we would all sit together as a family and talk about our days and then I would clean the table and talk with my husband while my kids played or watched TV or did what ever. After that we would all watch a movie together and have popcorn. Then we would get ready for bed and then I would fall asleep and that would be the end of my day as an adult.


Me dancing.

Me dancing.

3 thoughts on “If I Woke Up An Adult by Mariana R

  1. I really hope you do stick with your dream of dancing! Do you have a performance coming up we can see?

  2. I love your post. I love how you wrote and described how youm wanted your life to be. I enjoyed reading it.

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