If I Woke Up As An Adult By: Cheyse L.

If I woke up as an adult I would wake up in a huge mansion in California with a huge aquarium in my room and a red Lamborghini. I would be super rich and have three children, two girls named Alexis and Jade and a boy named Jake. In our huge mansion we would have a swimming pool, hot tub, wave pool, recording studio, dance studio, massage room, bungee jumping room, skydiving room, flying room, pet house, and a private mall. My private mall will be called Cali Sun Mall it will have all of the coolest stores and eating places. My pet house will have tons of dogs (not too many) and will be a actual house a miniature separate house on my mansion. My husband will be super famous and I will be SUPER famous for singing and dancing. My kids will go to a private school for free and get anything they need from our private mall. I will have tons of albums, dvd’s, singles (popular songs) made by me all over the world and selling fast. My family and I will live happily forever after.

6 thoughts on “If I Woke Up As An Adult By: Cheyse L.

  1. I love the way you described your dream house. I would enjoy living in a house like that. I never knew you liked singing. I noticed you said you would have a pet house. What is your favorite pet, is it a dog?

  2. I love this dream! The pet house and mansion are really good ideas. I would looove to have a house like this…

  3. I like all kinds of NICE animals.

    I’m not really good at writing song down on paper but I just sing and then someone loves it and I try to write it down. It never works and if you want to know who writes really good songs you should talk to Haley P.

  4. i would love to live in that house. What would be your favorite room in that house?

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