My Adventures in Vocab World Chapter 3

Here I have the third chapter of my adventures in vocab world. I hope you like it!

Chapter 3

Hark the Crazy Man

Last summer we adopted an obdurate, mellifluous, and loquacious person named Hark. He has jumped off a cliff so precarious, he nearly cracked his head open on a crag! He once broke out of a manacle in a magic show! Of course they were vintage and cracked. As he performed for Celtic Ocean, he had to reverberate the word cold! He also didn’t replicate the DVD for The Winter Snow Show enough times! He made that mistake 7 times, or maybe we got 7 times more than we expected. The Good part of Hark is that he is almost always ludicrous and very good at making labyrinthine puzzles. That is basically what Hark is! Oh yeah, I have three more brothers to tell you about!

2 thoughts on “My Adventures in Vocab World Chapter 3

  1. I like the way you underlined the vocabulary words. I can tell what most of them are in context, but some of them are a little ambiguous. I am a little embarrassed that I don’t know all of them without context clues though. I need to get out my dictionary! Keep writing!

  2. Mrs. Lisa,
    Thank you for commenting! These are really hard words, I only have understood one of them out of 11 weeks!

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