Family Game by Maggie D

My family always plays Scrabble and Words With Friends. My sister and I don’t like Words With friends but the rest of my family is obsessed with it. When we go to see my grandparents at Christmas there is always a scrabble board out and people playing it. Sometimes we make a scrabble board that describes one person in our family. Once we made one about my grandma and it was really funny. My family also likes puzzles a lot. My grandma always gets the hardest puzzle she can find and expects us to finish it. We usually get three fourths of it done. We stay up all night to try and finish it. Those are the games that my family likes to play whenever we get together.

Scrabble Letters

4 thoughts on “Family Game by Maggie D

  1. Maggie, I like to play these games also! My grandma does the same thing but I dont have the patience to do it. That is my sisters job! 🙂 What is the hardest puzzle that you have done?

  2. Maggie, I wish you liked playing Words With Friends with me. It’s so much fun, and you learn so many new words that you can use every day in your normal life– words like QI, ZA, QAT, and SUQ. I use those words every day when I talk to all kinds of people. I just don’t understand why they always look at me kind of funny though.

    Anyway, I remember making that Scrabble board of words to describe Mimi. It was the funniest thing ever. (By the way, she would HATE to know that you called her Grandma!!)

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