How Trivial Pursuit Is My Studying Life By Marta

I think of Trivial Pursuit as my study life because you learn so much that helps you in your present school year and beyond. You also learn in every subject, such as history, science, and the progress of actors and movie-making, as well as geography. Every time you play it, you learn a cookie-jarfull of cookies, full of knowledge. And, the more you play, the more you know, and it is not all that complicated or hard! And, it does not take so much time to play it. This game, Trivial Pursuit, has advanced my brain, seedling by seedling, with basic facts.

2 thoughts on “How Trivial Pursuit Is My Studying Life By Marta

  1. I completely agree! I loved your cookie jar simile. Is this your favorite game to play? Do you have the ipad app for this game?

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