My Life Game By Conor Z.

Sims connects to my life because in Sims you have to make decisions. You have to lead your family of Sims the place to place to get a job, work out, steal something, see a friend, go swimming, and lots of other things. Sims connects to my life because of the decisions. For example, if you you go to work and work you hardest you get stressed but you get a raise or a promotion. If you play games for too long you get tired. If you let the hot dogs stay out before the party the other Sims get sick along with you. This is a game like my life because it is a life for the Sim. I feel this game represents everyones life.Sim on street

One thought on “My Life Game By Conor Z.

  1. I really like the connection that you made between life and the Sim’s. It was very creative.

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