Scrabble by Josh K

On family vacations I always have a game of Scrabble with my grandma, my great-aunt who does the New York Times crosswords and plays Sudoku, my Grandma’s friend, an author, my mom, my dad my brothers, my uncle, and my great-uncle all have played Scrabble together, but not in the same game. My word that got me my most points, and a spot in the back of my family’s head that I am pretty good is Jabiru a South American bird that was worth 60+ points. The day I finally won was great. I think that this game defines my family because the words we put down describe who we are. Scrabble if you did not know (you should know) is a game where you create a crossword puzzle by using letters from your hand that are worth points. Other spots on the board are also worth points.

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