Me Job Chapter 10 (The twist is coming!) by Josh

Chapter 10

“TAXI!” I yelled as a yellow cab sped past us. “TAXI!” I yelled again. This time I waved my arms. A taxi-van pulled up and we told the guy to take us to the museum of Science and Industry. We drove past the towering John Hancock building. My cousin Oliver  has been there.

We passed Soldier Field on the way, I really want to go to a Bears game on this trip. They are playing Carolina.  When the taxi finally pulled up onto Lake Shore Drive, we saw the towering Museum of Science and Industry, the largest science center on the Western Hemisphere. There was an exhibit about a World War 2 boat and I wanted to see that. Rian hopped out of the car and I followed her into the museum. We were greeted by Dr. Ethan Silverman, the head of the museum as we walked in. We bought tickets to an iMax movie about Chicago in the 1940’s. I led us through the museum, not stopping until I found something interesting. I saw a small exhibit about genes and twins. I am fascinated by twins, I wish I had a sibling because  it is very hard being an only child, but you do get the best Hanukkah presents. At the exhibit there were pictures of boy-boy,girl-girl, and girl-boy twins. I learned the difference between identical twins and fraternal twins. We moved on down the hallway and found a little room, where it demonstrated how something was manufactured. I pulled a few quarters out of my pocket and carefully inserted them into the machine. I followed the steps to see that a spinning top was being made. My top had to be sent back for a faulty gear. By the time my top made it through I had seen the entire manufacturing process. Maybe if football doesn’t work out I’ll go into engineering.

5 thoughts on “Me Job Chapter 10 (The twist is coming!) by Josh

  1. I like the part about twins. I’m a fraternal twin (with a brother) and everyone asks us if we’re identical. Identical means exactly identical – boy-boy, girl-girl, not girl-boy.

  2. I love how the detail of your story keeps on going at a pace, escalating, while never decreasing.

  3. I know that too, being a fraternal twin myself. I can’t exactly describe what the difference is here, but if anyone wants to know the difference between fraternal and identical twins I can tell them. Twins are really cool, especially if you are the same gender, because for me and my brother, we are best friends and have little connections, like him being upstairs humming a song in his head that I don’t know, and me being downstairs humming the same song at the same part in it. Thanks everyone for the comments. I really like hearing from you guys, it inspires me to write more.

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