Utah Log: Pre-Post by Cam

This Wednesday night I am leaving for Utah. Word is that they have gotten snow unlike Colorado who has a 50 inch base, pathetic. When I am there I will be staying at a resort called SnowBird with only my dad. My mom and brother are staying home. When we get there we go to our hotel room and because it is 12:08 East coast time we go right to bed feeling exited to be there.

3 thoughts on “Utah Log: Pre-Post by Cam

  1. That’s great, I hope you have fun there. I also like the way the you insert humor into your posts.

  2. Cam,
    I hope you have a good time in Utah. Your brother must be so envious (no offense). SnowBird sounds like an awesome resort. Cam, is it possible for you to post some pictures of you maybe skiing, or having fun there? I would love to see what Utah is like.

  3. Cam,
    That resort seems super fun! I have been skiing in Colorado since I was 2 and I KNOW that there is not very much snow right now! My grandparents are there and they can’t ski because the snow isn’t very good. I hope that you had a great time skiing!


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