Smile, A Graphic Novel about Braces by Olivia

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This weekend I went to the bookstore and bought some books. One of them was called Smile. Smile is a true story about the author, Raina Telgemeier. She was going to get braces but then knocked out her 2 front teeth and had to go through extensive dental care to fix it. I’m getting my braces this week so it was interest to me. Whether or not you have braces or will get them I would recommend this book to any girl, or boy if you don’t mind slightly girly books. Smile is  just a long comic. I thought it would last me the weekend but I ended up reading it in under an hour. One of my favorite scenes is when Raina is recovering from dental surgery and is just lying on the couch. Her little sister is playing Super Mario Brothers and her thought bubble says,”You can only watch your sister die at Super Mario Brothers so many times.” Smile also deals with some of the social problems Raina encounters through middle school and high school.  It’s a great book.

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  1. I know how braces feel, I have had them for 10 months and I am completely used to them. This week will be hard as the dull ache in your teeth will slowly go away. Trust me, you will get used to your braces after the first week.

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