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So, I am part of the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue and have now made my own website/blog about my own passion, nature. Some of the pictures on this blog are on it too. Just paste or type this in the URL:  and the website will come up. Please comment on it as much as you do on the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue. If you like nature, animals, and/or photography, check it out. If you don’t like nature, animals and/ or photography, still check it out and it may make you like those kinds of things. I hope you like it!

7 thoughts on “The NC Nature News–Alex G

  1. Wow, nice job of making your own blog! I’m going to go and check it out right now! But before I do how did you make your own blog?

  2. I agree, how did you make your own blog. I’m also going to check it out. Sounds cool, Alex I enjoy your photography.

  3. That’s cool Alex, I shared the site with my family and they loved it. Did you take the picture on your homepage yourself? And is the picture from the Outer Banks?

  4. Josh and Ashwin, I started the website by going to and simply clicked, start your own blog. I then clicked it and it walks you through all of it. Davis, it was free but you can upgrade things which cost money. Yes Osezele, I take all of the photography on the website.

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