Ipads or Laptops? – By: Audrey M

The difference between Ipads and laptops are like the difference between night and day. Sure they are both cool and expensive, have internet and games, but one is big and heavy (laptop) and one is slick and small (ipad). Personally, I prefer the ipad, but my class did not get the chance to use them. I have one at home so, I know know to work it. My class had the  laptops and I thought they were slightly too large to take to every class and when we had a question, they took SOO long to turn on, go onto safari, and then search it, with and Ipad, you just hit a couple buttons and BAM!! There’s your anwser. Another thing about the MacBooks were that they take up so much space next to our desks, at our school, we have big tables and two chairs in some classes and you have to smush your books in between them, in other classes we have single desks, right next to each other and our books are even smushier.

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5 thoughts on “Ipads or Laptops? – By: Audrey M

  1. I love your post I also prefer the Ipad. I do agree that laptops can be heavy and can also take a lot of space.

  2. I completely see your point. One thing I don’t like about ipads is that unless you get a keyboard, it’s so hard to type.

  3. I remember in science class, when Mr.Bryson tried to see which was faster to look something up, the dictionary, the iPad and the Laptop. The iPad won. By a lot. I agree with Olivia. If we do get iPads I would prefer a keyboard because it is so hard to type.

  4. I totally agree with all of you. It’s true I was in the class with all of you and we (at least Audrey and I would hate having to get our laptops out. I have an iPad of my own at home so I also know how to work one. I am looking forward to hopefully getting am iPad for all of next year. Great post Audrey!

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