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  1. 18aishwaryaj at |

    I love your post I also prefer the Ipad. I do agree that laptops can be heavy and can also take a lot of space.

  2. 18marianar at |

    I agree with both of you. And it is so true about the smushier thing.

  3. 18oliviac at |

    I completely see your point. One thing I don’t like about ipads is that unless you get a keyboard, it’s so hard to type.

  4. 18joshk at |

    I remember in science class, when Mr.Bryson tried to see which was faster to look something up, the dictionary, the iPad and the Laptop. The iPad won. By a lot. I agree with Olivia. If we do get iPads I would prefer a keyboard because it is so hard to type.

  5. 18forbesc at |

    I totally agree with all of you. It’s true I was in the class with all of you and we (at least Audrey and I would hate having to get our laptops out. I have an iPad of my own at home so I also know how to work one. I am looking forward to hopefully getting am iPad for all of next year. Great post Audrey!

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