Pelican! By Matthew

On Thursday, March 8, 2012, we released a pelican onto the shores of Oak Island. The pelican we released was one year old and had got injured by a worm infection. Luckily, it healed and we got to release it. It ate four fish before it got released, and probably ate more afterward. Right now it is probably flying around Oak Island and meeting new friends. Together, my grandparents, my brother and I named it Chocolate. Good luck in the world outside of the vet Chocolate!!!

4 thoughts on “Pelican! By Matthew

  1. That sounds like it was really fun. Where is Oak Island and have you been taking care of this bird since it got a worm infection, or did you just release it?

  2. Mrs. Donnelly,
    I got tons of pictures! My grandparents even made a book out of all of the pictures we got!

    I forgot who came up with the name initially but I’m guessing we named it that because it was brown.

    We were going to the bird center just to check them out and they gave us the opportunity to release him so we took him to the beach and released him!

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