New Baseball Team By Cam

This past weekend my new baseball team had our first game. I missed the practice where we got our uniforms so I had to change in the car. The uniform had a grey, long-sleeved shirt with OC in orange on the left chest area for Orange County. I also got a jersey that had 11, my number, on the back and Crushers, underlined on the front. In addition to that I got two pairs of Nike Elite socks. I also got a few other shirts along with that. We had our first game against the HYAA Allstars. We didn’t stand a chance. We were beat 2-10 but luckily it was just a scrimmage. It gets real this weekend though when we go to a tournament in Burlington. We better be ready… (I’ll post the the turnouts after with 3 or more comments.)

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  1. My baseball season starts this week or the next. Good luck to your team Cam. I know you will only get better as the season progresses.

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