Apollo 13 by: Forbes, Audrey, and Cat

Today in class we watched the movie Apollo 13. The reason why we watched this was because we were reading Cosmic, and Cosmic relates to space traveling. There were some differences and some similarities. The similarities were the way that they got back to earth. They also both went to space in a rocket, and as we quote…. “Every mission has a glitch.” Another similarity is that there was only one person who vomited on each mission. Now we are going to explain some of the differences between the two missions. The biggest difference is that on Apollo there were three adults, and on Cosmic there were five children on the rocket. The Cosmic people denied all knowledge of the mission, while Apollo 13 is a very famous mission. The last difference is that Apollo 13’s crew were trained astronauts, but Cosmic  was a controlled rocket meaning the children did not have to control the flight. Personally, we preferred Apollo 13, but both were just LOVELY!

Rocket launching into the sky

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