Apollo 13 By Marta

During ERB week, in LA we watched the movie Apollo 13, which is a historical event in space history. It started with the main commander of the spacecraft being chosen for the task. They then spend six months training in under water simulators, until T minus sixteen seconds when they LIFT OFF! After a couple of days in space, one of the oxygen tanks explode, and they at grave risk. In order for the crew on the Apollo 13 spacecraft to have enough oxygen and power now to get home safely, they no longer can walk on the moon. The Mission Control back on Earth tells them that in order to get home safely, they must abort the mission. The crew is devastated, but they still are focused on the task at hand: to GET HOME! The families of the crew are all VERY worried for their relative’s life. Then, they must encounter many risky situations of not enough power, or too much carbon dioxide and not enough breathable air. But, at the end, they survive reentry, but land in the South Pacific Ocean, where rescue ships and helicopters wait to get them on board to their homes. Overall, I nominate this movie a real treat for the family!!


Apollo 13 Command Module recovery after splashdown April 17, 1970 by DesertBlooms


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