The Successful Failure (Apollo 13) by Josh K

I just finished watching the movie Apollo 13 in class. It is by far the best movie I have ever seen. It really touched me in a way. I can’t explain it. I was nearly in tears watching it. I knew about it before and how the oxygen tank exploded. In more detail, on day three of a successful launch the oxygen tank exploded causing lots of debris and many, many issues. Some of them include carbon dioxide damage, oxygen leak, power outage, possible frozen parachutes, and being off of course. Those were just some of the major issues. Apollo 13 never did land on the moon but the most touching part is the way thousands of people worked without sleep to get the men home. Up until then no American had died in space and Houston was not about to let that happen. It seems absolutely amazing that these astronauts made it home. This a good example of how thousands of people can make things happen. The movie is awe-inspiring and is a must-see. I don’t have words for it. What happened on Apollo 13 is truly unfathomable.

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