iPad Project By Mariana R and Aishwarya J



Aiswharya and I did a project about skitch. We had to do a lot of videos to make it perfect. Whenever we messed up we would always  laugh. The best part was when we finally got the video perfect. It was fun working together.  When one of us made a mistake we would help each other make it better. We had some problems the first time with Photo Booth when we tried to up load it to Voicethread. We recorded our video outside so it turned out that you couldn’t see our faces that well. We made a script to help us as we went through the recording.

3 thoughts on “iPad Project By Mariana R and Aishwarya J

  1. I think that it was a very good idea to make a script for your filming so that you weren’t just on camera all of a sudden with nothing to say. It sounds like an exciting project!


  2. It was an exciting project and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with.

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