My Tech Project By Marta

In class for the last two weeks, we had to do a nice project about how to use Mac products, how to use websites or apps, or why an object is better than the other. I made a Google Docs document, with an article about why me and Yahoo Answers prefer iPad ebooks instead of  normal textbooks because of the weight, number of textbooks, etc. The obstacles I faced were finding how many people on Yahoo Answers  preferred either iPad or textbooks.  With it I made a pie graph, which was only an approximate, but that showed how many people preferred either iPad or textbooks. 

4 thoughts on “My Tech Project By Marta

  1. This sounds like it was a fun project without many hard parts! I hope you had fun.

  2. This seemed like a very fun and interesting project to do. I don’t really understand how or why you used Yahoo answers for your information. Maybe next time you could actually go around and ask the people with an iPad the differences. Great work!

  3. I think that it was really cool how you made a pie graph to explain the data. Your project sounds exciting!

  4. Very Good summary! I like the pie graph, but I don’t exactly see how Yahoo Answers is a reliable source…

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