Problems by Olivia C.


The Title Slide for My Project

In LA we had to do a tech prject. I made a video about how iPads are helpful at school. I had some problems. It took me a little bit to get the camera started and I had to figure out how to get on to my school account. It also took longer to process the video when I downloaded it. Other than that, it was easy and fun.

7 thoughts on “Problems by Olivia C.

  1. How are iPads useful? I don’t understand how they’re useful. How did you fix your problem with the camera?

  2. This seems like a really good presentation! My group had a few of the same problems that you did.


  3. In response to your questions-
    1. I didn’t use and iPad to film it. I used a video camera.
    2. iPads are useful at school to take notes, to collaborate, and to use resources.
    3. I downloaded to Quicktime player and then I made a Voice thread out of it.

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