Tech Project by Ian L and Davis C

We made a tech project for language arts class. We did our project about Google Docs. This project may or may not be shown to people who make this big decisions at D.A. Though the process was mostly smooth, we did encounter some very annoying problems. We filmed our movie on a flip camera. Then we downloaded it on to iMovie, and problems instantly occurred. We put in our video, but our audio was too quiet, so we boosted the volume to 500%. This definitely solved our problems. Next, iMovie was being annoying and whenever I moved my mouse, it moved where I was in the movie. This made us mad, but we overcame. It ended up being a good project.

This is a picture from our project 

2 thoughts on “Tech Project by Ian L and Davis C

  1. Wow! You had to boost the volume 500%. How quiet was your sound? It sounds like your issues were relatively easy to solve. In a group, how was problem solving? Was it easy? Did different people’s ideas cause problems? Whose idea was it to raise the volume? How did you know how much to raise it?

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