My Parakeets By Marta B.C.

My Parakeets, Adam and Eve, are my second pets, together with my African Dorsal Frogs. Everyday, I feed them, clean their cage, and also try to tame them. Their cage is quite large for them, so they have plenty of room to fly. This is quite important, because as they grow up, they depend on flying more and more, so they need to be able to fly well, with experience. They are starting to get together, (I have a male and a female.) and they are starting to kiss, and chase each other around the cage. Isn’t that sweet? Awwwww! Anyway, I love them with all my heart, and I will never let them go!

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve, A beautiful pair.

4 thoughts on “My Parakeets By Marta B.C.

  1. I have a parakeet named Nibble! She lays eggs but since there is no male in the cage so there is no chick inside. She has layde 94 eggs and counting.

  2. That’s so fascinating! I wish I had mating birds! Are you hoping they will make a third bird for you?

  3. Wow Marta! Those are very nice and creative names! I really like how they are the names of the first people God made in the bible. My little sister’s name is also Eve!

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