Memory to Give! BY: AUDREY M

Snow. That was the first memory that Jonas received after becoming the Receiver of Memory. Personally, I think that couldn’t be any more boring, although snow is an interesting thing, I would start with THE BEST, THE BOLDEST, A ROLLER COASTER!!! Now, let’s not lie, we all know what you’re really thinking, you’re trying to be mature, to start with the simple, but EVERYBODY likes roller coasters, EVERYBODY, and to think that he hasn’t ever even heard of one, well, that’s just inhumane.

4 thoughts on “Memory to Give! BY: AUDREY M

  1. Audrey,
    Great idea! Thanks for your comments on my birds! Yeah, they are starting to jump on each other, and kiss each other 24/7. I am expecting an egg soon.

  2. I like roller coasters too, and I would give Jonas the memory of that too.

  3. Ok. Why didn’t I think of that?
    Still, a good post.
    Personally, the last part is debatable, but I liked the post.

    Rod P

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