What I think Jonas’s First Memory Should Be by Josh K


In LA class we have been reading the book The Giver. In it the main character Jonas becomes receiver of Memory and is passed down memories of the past. It is a great honor to be the Receiver.

Jonas should have been given a memory of ice cream first because it is a memory of sweetness. Jonas would enjoy it and then later receive a harsher memory, like the concept of a giant world. The second would be brief, but just enough to get Jonas thinking. Jonas’s training and memories would start out very very quickly, but as he progressed everything would get harder and harder. Ice cream would be good to start, because Jonas has never had a choice of food. Someone has always done it for him. I think as the story progresses Jonas’s responsibilities and choices will increase.

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4 thoughts on “What I think Jonas’s First Memory Should Be by Josh K

  1. I really like your choice, although I have to question about the understanding about ‘a big world’ let me ask: Why would that be harsh? I know the community is small, but a big world. I really like that idea though.

  2. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to give someone a memory of ice cream, but when you explained it, it was a good idea. What’s your favorite flavor?

  3. I like your idea of giving the memory of ice-cream I never would have thought of that. Do they have ice-cream though? I mean they never talk about it in the book. I really like the idea though.

  4. Ok, so first a big world would be a big burden to take because Jonas would realize that there is a lot more than just his little community, and that space and planets are huge. I think it would be a lot to think about for his first memory.

    Olivia, my favorite flavor is vanilla or vanilla caramel.

    I think that his community would not have ice cream because first it isn’t mentioned, at least not yet, it should be from Elsewhere, and it just seems like the perfect thing to do, to make Jonas have a pleasant first memory.

    Thanks for the comments!

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