iPad Apps by: Leah G.

I think that on our iPads a few apps that we should keep are: IStudiez Pro, First Class, Flashcards, Evernote, Khan Academy, Blogsy, Pages, Dictionary, Paperport Notes, Penultimate, Skitch, Show Me, SketchbookX, Pandora, and Mindmeister. I would also love to keep Draw Free but it will not open for me. An app that I have on my iPod that I like it Study Blue. It is a great app for studying. It is similar to the Flashcards app but some students might prefer it. A few apps that I don’t use because I don’t like them or I just haven’t had time to check out are: Notes, Grammar, Mathboard, Tap Typing, Flash Cards, Comic Life, Student, WordPress, JotNot Pro, Life Track, i-Nigma, Media by Age, Inkling, and all space apps. I know that it is not likely but I also love spotify! Lastly, I think that we should have a choice of a few cases to get because I like the case that we have now which is an incase but I really want the Zagg case. This is my input on the iPad apps.



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