iPad Stylus by Maggie D

Today in Language Arts we tested styluses for the iPads. We tested the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and the Cosmonaut. The Amazon Basic was really light and I didn’t like it at all. I liked the Bamboo a lot because it was really easy to write with. I also really liked the Cosmonaut. The Cosmonaut is really thick and big so it is hard to use. It is really easy to write with. I really like it because the end it a point so you know exactly where it will write. The Amazon Basic also had a little string hanging off of it at the end that got in my way a lot. Also the Bamboo is heavy so it is really easy to write with. The Bamboo is also the smallest so you can fit it in your pencil pouch or your iPad case. Next year I think that we should definitely get the Bamboo stylus.



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