iPad Styluses–The Bamboo Stylus by Alex G

There were three styluses that I got to try out for the iPad. There was the Amazon one, the Bamboo one and the Cosmonaut. The Cosmonaut was way too big and the Amazon one just didn’t feel right. I like the Bamboo one for sure. I am using the bamboo one right now to write. It is small and easy to carry around. I have a small hand so it helps to have a small pen. It is also heavier than the Amazon one, making it easier to handle. I also like the size of the tip. It is smaller and can be more precise when drawing something detailed and when pressing smaller keys and buttons. It also has a nice clip that can hook to the case, your shirt, or a bag. I also just like the name, the Bamboo stylus. I hope to get it!

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