My Favorite Stylus Conor Z

After trying all the different styluses my favorite by far is the Bamboo stylus. I would have liked the Cosmonaut if it was skinnier. I would like that better because the end is shaped more like the stylus so it is easier. I don’t like the Amazon stylus because it has an end that is round and squishy and that makes it harder to control. This leaves one pen, the Bamboo. This is the best for me because it has an end that is easy to control, it is thin like a pen, and it is light. The Bamboo stylus is my favorite stylus.



One thought on “My Favorite Stylus Conor Z

  1. Conor,
    I agree with what you said about the Amazon basic tip. The Bamboo is a very highly rated stylus. Do you think students need a stylus or do you think a finger works as well?

    I like the Cosmonaut the most as I could be pretty accurate with it. I actually liked the size for a class set as it would not be so easy to loose.

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