Stylus By Annie N

I used all of the styli and the one I found I liked the most was the Amazon Basics for the iPad because it is the lightest one and I think it works well for typing and drawing on Penultimate and Paperport Notes. The second one I liked was the Bamboo because it isn’t as light as the Amazon Basics but isn’t as heavy as Cosmonaut. The last one was the Cosmonaut. I didn’t like this one as much because it was a little hard to grip on to it because it is so big and heavy.


One thought on “Stylus By Annie N

  1. Annie,
    I would not want to use a stylus for typing as it would be annoying to me. The Bamboo is a nice one. I actually like the Cosmonaut the most as it is so different and big that it is harder to lose.

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