Wicked The Musical By Marta B.C.

On Sunday, May 27, the last day they were showing it, I went to see Wicked with my mom. In this play, Glinda, the Good Witch, explains to everyone how she knew Elphaba, the Witch of the West, and how they met in college, and how they became friends. As friends, they were together when they were introduced to the Wizard of Oz. They both found out that the Wizard was a fraud, and that he wanted to use Elphaba’s magic for wicked purposes. Elphaba did not want the Wizard to use her magic for evil deeds, so she ran away, while Glinda stayed with him, because she did not believe he was all that bad, and because she was ambitious and wanted to be famous. After Elphaba escaped, the Wizard spread a lie that she was wicked, and ordered everyone to try to capture her. Meanwhile, Fiyero, Glinda’s boyfriend, starts to develop more feelings for Elphaba. That causes problems for him, because the Wizard’s guards put on a pole to die. Elphaba is heartbroken, and turns him into a scarecrow with her magic to make sure he does not die, or feel pain. At the same time, the Wizard is getting tired of not being able to find Elphaba. Glinda then gives him an idea to hurt Elphaba’s sister, NessaRose, to attract Elphaba. They create a tornado, which makes a house fall on NessaRose, killing her. The house in the tornado also contained Dorothy, a girl from another world. Elphaba makes Dorothy her prisoner. At the end of the performance, Glinda tells Elphaba to release Dorothy, and she agrees. When Dorothy is released, she throws a bucket of water (prepared by Elphaba itself)  onto Elphaba, because there was a general belief that water could melt Elphaba. The truth is, Elphaba meant for all of it to happen, so that the world would think she was dead, even Glinda. But the truth was that she hid in a hole, and left Oz with Fiyero, now a scarecrow, after he picked her up, and they both lived happily ever after.  This wonderful performance shows that The Wicked Witch of the West was never wicked at all!


Wicked is wicked!

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