Camp Cheerio by Kira S.

This year the sixth grade went to Camp Cheerio. Camp Cheerio had a lot  of fun activities. The first day at Camp Cheerio my advisory (Johnson) and the Bryson advisory went on a 4 1/2 mile hike! Before we went on the hike we had lunch and then we headed to the place where we were going to hike. When we were done with the long hike we drove back to Camp Cheerio. During the day we had two different activities, we would either have to do canoeing, zip-lining/ mudslide, hiking, rock climbing, vertical play pen or archery. At night one group would do dancing in the gym and another group would have a camp fire and tell scary stories. Dancing in the gym was a lot of fun! After we finished our night time activities the whole sixth grade went into Dinning Hall and had a snack. The rest of Camp Cheerio was also a lot a fun! I had a great time at Camp Cheerio!!

Group of Girls

Photo by Mrs. Williams

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  1. I’m so glad you had a great time at Camp Cheerio with your friends! It was so lonely without you at home! 🙂

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